04 January 2009

Spinning Wheels

What happens when you fill up your Blogger account to the brim and have no more space? I don't know. I'm not even close. However I have this reoccurring problem with Blogger not wanting to upload my photos. So Amanda from the many lakes state was kind to offer advice using Flickr. Yes, you have to make the photos small or they get cropped, but that isn't so bad. The big tear jerker is if you use Flickr, even if the photo is first in the blog, the photo won't show in the blogroll sidebar. Boo hoo. I kind of like seeing the little snapshots.

So I'm trying to determine how important this is to me, and after trying to load the rooster and the margaritas (other blog) the last few hours, I have determined what the hay!

This is the Rooster that is now the banner for Judy's Garden & Recipes.
Flaming Rooster
Colorful dude!


  1. I wonder why Blogger is so mean to you, with the photo uploading thing? It's not a pop-up blocker getting in the way, is it?]

    I never noticed that quirk with the Flickr photo posts - the little photo not appearing in the Blogroll - but you are right. Oh well. The main thing that bothers me about using Flickr photos, is that I can't put text next to the photo (or at least I haven't figured out the HTML for that yet) - it must be either above or below. Hmph.

  2. Hi Amanda,
    It's probably not Blogger's fault, as much as I want to blame it. My satellite software wants to accelerate the connection and that fails a lot - due to the weather, or so it claims. My guess is if I upgrade, I might solve the problem. Yep. Throw money at it.


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