16 December 2008

High-end Macro Monday

Atmospheric disturbance have made it difficult to download photos to the blog, and patience is not my middle name. I had a paper carrier who would write long notes especially around Christmas that said things like, "Please be patients when I am running late." 
So Macro Monday is on a Tuesday, my fellow patients. It's a close-up of a little card promoting a High-end Japanese beer, better known as the dude with the fish, and if you visit my Flickr on the sidebar, you'll see what we ate. So good! I also mentioned it on my other blog
Also if you visit Flickr, you might notice that I'm a "pro" now. Sure anyone can be a pro. All it cost is money. I gave myself a present, so I can access my own photos and bypass Blogger photo upload. Thanks Amanda for sharing.
Thanks to wild and crazy Lisa and her way too close photos for hosting Macro Monday.


  1. I love the way he's hugging the fish! How fun!

  2. You are welcome, Judy-Judy :)

    Yeah, I'm a "Pro" too. I think it's sorta funny that one only needs to pay $ for this designation.


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