23 November 2008

Wishing For White But Will Settle

I took many photos when I lived at the old ranch. I loved the quiet mornings and weekends when I was the only one around for miles. I could hear the river calling me to collect rocks, to admire its beauty. I would rush out the door with my camera and a cup of coffee, and scare up a pack of wild pigs. It was so peaceful. Like snowfall. Like an old barn with a dusting of snow.

I had read about Amanda's first snow and identified with that childlike feeling. Back in March of 06, I remembered a morning I woke to reflective white light that made me feel like a army of angels had lightly touched down and encircled my house. I felt so blessed to be alive to witness.

Most years we don't get any snow days. But when we do, I act silly romping around, building snow people, and making snow angels.

Snow, as one of MN friends did say, was lovely in the beginning, tedious throughout, and a slushy dirty mess at the end where you couldn't wait to be rid of it. Where I live, beginning middle and end could be all in one day. So unless I want to go to the mountains for a snow experience, I must scoop up the moment.  
We could use some weather around here. Too warm for snow though. I'll settle for rain. When I looked out the window this morning, I saw a vail of brown haze hiding the distant view of the hills. Brown haze from the fires of late that is being pushed around by valley or coastal fog, yet it does not want to blow on through. 
So I chanted to the weather gods, rain, rain, RAIN! Any amount will do. Just some precip to clean the air. 
Yessireebob! Rain is in the forecast!


  1. This is a pretty post.
    ...Lack of weather variation and no rain is something that makes me reconsider my frequent fantasies to move to San Diego...I don't know, so many things to love about Minnesota... But truly I'm interested in living everywhere in the world. Not enough time for that!

    Thanks for the shout out! :)

  2. Did you know it's supposed to rain this week? Yeah!
    (thank you for your dear sentiments..meant a lot over at my little world:)


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