21 November 2008

What Time Is It? Photostory Friday

Me: What time do you think it's getting to be?
Him: Noon hour.
Me: No way! It was noon hour at the restaurant.
Him: Okay. After noon hour.
Me: You haven't a clue.
Him: Do too. It's 6:AM International.
Me: What are you talking about???
Him: I got a sign.
Me: Is this another flashback?

Him: No. It's a sign.
(Judy looks up to see it actually is a sign.)
Me: Oh wait. I've got to take a picture.
Him: (in a teasing tone of voice) For your blog?
Me: Dude, I'm blogging this sign.

(Further down the road at the second summit, we stop again.)
Me: I bet the Victorians had picnics here.
(There is a carriage road that circles the mountain twice.)
Him: What did they eat?
Me: Fried chicken.
Him: Greasy fried chicken.
Me: With finger bowls.
Him: With sliced cucumber.

(Now we are moving at 50mph or so.)

Me: Black and white horses and cows! Did you see that? Someone has a thing for black and white animals.

Hey turkeys. Look!

Me: Hey Look! More turkeys on your side. One hundred wild turkeys!
Him: It's Turkey Time!!!!

PhotoStory Friday
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  1. You have captured the usual intimate conversation very well! And love the photos along the way inspiring the chat!

  2. fun photo story. i wonder what in the world that sign was for though.
    oh, and finally...i tiny shot of mr.him. :)nice to put some face to the name.

  3. Greyscale, me and him can talk about absolutely nothing for hours and have been doing so for years.

    Alicia, I wondered about that sign too. So I googled it and didn't come up with much. It might be an open source web-based radio station. Pretty sure it's not a cult :)
    And you're right - that sure is "some face!"


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