06 October 2008

Mom's Stash

When my brother said he found some of Mom's stuff and asked me if I wanted it, I said sure. At least I wanted to see what it was. He brought me a box or two every couple of months as he was helping my dad clean out the garage. Finally I reached saturation point and just stored the boxes unopened in the back bedroom of the old ranch house. 
Now that I've moved to the new ranch house, I've finally been getting around to emptying boxes and sorted through stuff. And guess what? I found my mother's stash of patterns! This is so cool and it isn't just garments. There are doll patterns and a variety of other goodies. 
I might have to make a toaster cover.


  1. Lucky you! Every once in a while I'll see a pattern my mother had on a vintage pattern site or ebay. I haven't bought one yet, but am tempted.


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