02 September 2008

En Plein Air

Hey! That's me! Painting en plein air!
This is 1988 and we hiked in from Big Basin to Sunset, 
about 12 miles, and stayed two nights. It was a mean hike, all ups and downs, and I was carrying about 30 pounds. That's ten pounds of paint with all my other supplies. And one pound of Oreos. You know the giant one pound
package. Yum!
We got to the campsite just about sunset and I set my pack down against a tree to survey where to set the tent. Over here, no over here. Typical, we can never agree. And then we heard some commotion. Raccoons! 
Let's chase them off. So as we're running down one side of the hill, we hear noise on the other side. And then zip. Zzzziiiiipppp! I said what was that? The packs? THE PACKS! were left by themselves on the other side of the camp. 

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