31 August 2008

This Is...My Favorite Hobby Shop

This place doesn't have fabric, but there is a Beverly's and Betty's nearby. Honestly Law's is absolutely FAB! When the owners were going to retire, they offered up the store to their employees! You know, a co-op ownership. Is that cool, or what? And of course, the people that work there are some of the cutting edge around these parts. And they have hand-outs to teach you how to make things for free. I'm sure that's good for business, but still here in America where every - little - thing has a price tag. 
I must say I also very much like The Artery and the quilt shop next to the sweet shoppe in the park. 
I really get lost in Michaels in such a good way. Some people have their vice. I embace mine. 
Craft/Fabric/Hobby Shops!!

Thanks to Three Buttons (the host) and the theme-maiden, Handmaiden.
Go here to see everyone's fav!


  1. Thank you for the birthday wish! Love your blog!!!

  2. well thank you -ahh gee - you have long legs.

  3. I'll have to look that one up as we get to CA every year usually. I love to have resources!


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