17 August 2008

This Is...How I Like To Spend My Weekend

This week's topic, bought to you by The Bird Bath (nice blog too!), is right up my country road. I live to garden. These pictures were taken at dawn on Saturday, our 23rd anniversary. We decided to go out because I fell in love with a purse I found online, and there are two stores in the local village that carry the brand but alas not the particular item I so desired. We found other stuff to buy, mind you. That was easy. I got a pitcher vase with a buckin' bronco and he found a book on cattle breeds, and I got a really cool belt. 
After that we went out for a light lunch at our favorite restaurant and to the market for a few supplies, and then home to watch the Olympics. All in all a very pleasant day. 
Today we stayed home. Another thing I like to do. I am a home and garden and online person. One can get me out of the house but only if it entails a free meal.  


  1. You have a wonderful, colourful looking garden - easy to understand why you like to spend your weekends there :)
    Congratulations on your anniversary!

  2. love your pics!
    don't you love those days when your heart goes "sigh"?:)


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