10 August 2008

This Is ...

I just joined the group This Is... by three buttons.

And this week's topic is This Is A Work In Progress as suggested by Debbie Hill.

So I guess that would have to be my hat box and mind you, it is in progress and it is a work. Not necessarily an art work, just a work.

These bees are cut out of this craft paper, and I think I'm going blind. 

My idea is to put them around the green marble base and add charms to the map top and cord to the script box top. I haven't spent too much time with it. I'm just fooling around with different techniques trying to get creative.
I saw an Etsy ad in Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion magazine, and told myself - One Year! I give myself one year to have my Etsy store filled to the brim and be advertised in a magazine. 

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  1. Oh yes, I can see crossed eyes with those bees! What are you going to do with the hat box when finished? Get a hat! ;-)


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