07 July 2008

Peace & Love

Happy Birthday Ringo Starr, wherever you are! 
I wouldn't classify Ringo as one of my favorite Beatles, yet I guess he has been at one time. I guess all The Beatles have been a favorite from time to time. George has been my overall favorite for all times though. "The Dark One" as he has been named. I just like his music the best, and interestingly enough, George co-wrote "Photograph" with Ringo, and "Photograph" is one of my favorites of Ringo. 
How do I know those details? Who wrote what way back when? Well, it is really too hot in my neck of the woods to do anything but Google. And my craft projects are fafa not working out right now. So now I'm an expert about Ringo (See ringostarr.com and you can be an expert too.) Notice I didn't link. 
I don't think I've ever seen a former Beatles in concert. I have my chance with Mr. Starkey though. Check out his lineup this summer.

Road trip to Tachi Palace Hotel and Casino anyone. I've never been to a (almost said Indian) Native American Gambling Resort. I wonder if it's true, if they are like a mini-Las Vegas.
Anyway, the real reason for this post is that I know it's Ringo's birthday because my BF's sister was a Ringo fan and she knew when it was his B-day, and so since then I have it etched in my little brain that seven/seven is Ringo's birthday. 
And in 1987 (many many years later from my girl power pool conversation in the early 1970s on "Who' s the best Beatle?), me and Mr. Red (honestly I don't know what to call him, I mean he used to be red, now he's sort of white.) went on a trip and we ended up at the Chiricahua,
and we had been camping for awhile at that point, and something happens to you when you have been camping for a month (not in one place - we moved around every three days). You go crazy! 

So on 7/7/87, we were camping somewhere deep in a canyon in Chiricahua, which bytheway is home to Geronimo, an Apache, and i says to him (not Geronimo but Mr. Red) as the sun does set.
I says, "Hey, it's Ringo's birthday!"
And he says, "Let's sing all his songs!"
And I says, "Okay!"
And we preceded. 
I think the spirits of Chiricahua Apaches were moved. And soon we were surrounded by the all the free-ranging cattle within a 20 square mile area who were also moved and mooing. 
"You're sixteen, so beautiful and you're mine - all mine - all mine - all MOOOO!"


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