06 July 2008

New and Improved

Inspired by Alicia's blog (once again) I decided to put a splash of color around here. The biggest problem I had was with the background color. I first started with the palest of green, but then it looked too much like hers. And I'm not a copycat! :)   
So I tried pale yellow. Okay but too pale. The next step was to step up the yellow, and whoa, where are my sunglasses! Pale pink, ahh, not right. So I tried pale orange, and that worked, except I kept hearing my brother described his old Mazda truck (which was that same color) as "baby shit orange." So I went back to the ivory (pale yellow) background.
Anyway, I tried to download a fancy template first of all, and there was a big "photobucket has been removed" error sign that I couldn't remove. So I ditched that and just decided to work with Blogger and the colors and fonts. 
What pleases me the most is that I figured out how to download and size my own photo for the banner! Hurray!
And I'm participating in the Flowers Pool on Flickr. It is really accessible to anyone. Come join the fun and post posies growing in your neck of the woods.

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