10 May 2008

Winston the Dragon

In the Spring of 2004 I took an art class at the local JC. I wasn't the oldest person in the class, but I certainly was older than most the students (by about 20 years). The class was really fun. The teacher was fabulous. And I had a great time perfecting my role as a "character," something I always knew I would grow into.

For part of the final we had to draw a dragon at home to be critiqued on the final day of class. The picture was to be done in black and white and one color of our choice.
"Oh dragons! How cool!" The class exclaimed. 
However, my first thought was that famous picture of Winston Churchill.  

The day of the final everyone put up their pictures. Beautiful, scary, very Japanese, elaborate dragons abounded. 
Then there was Winston.

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  1. ...amazing. i can't draw worth beans.
    i love that winston is in yellow, it makes him seem more approachable.:)
    love his socks too, bet he does a lot of darning!:)


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