18 May 2008

Fat Quarters and Cat Quarters

Sometimes it's easy to see why nothing gets done around here. I bought all these fat quarters from Bee Square the other day. I'm kind of going through an orange phase. Thinking about making a tote or a wall hanging or something. And what happens? Well, a hundred degree heat happens, that's what. And my favorite buddy (who wears a *beautiful* fur coat all the time) asks me to turn on the air (me(n)ow please). So I do. 
It slowly cools the roasting house. Gotta love central A/C. Be without it for a few sweltering summers, and I will tell you it's like the very best thing in the whole world. 
Oh yes and it blows nicely on the craft table (aka The White Monster). Ahh! So nice not to sweat on my works in progress. So I lay out my newly purchased fat quarters to admire (what should I make, I ponder), and my not so fat cat jumps up to lounge on The (now cool) White Monster. He plants himself on the fat quarters and stretches out. 
So I say "Si, please get down!"

And he says, "Judy, old girl. You must be kidding."


  1. LOL! What a great cat! He's so handsome and a smart one, too.

    Yes, I know life without AC. We don't have it at all in my house here in New England. I also grew up in house in Tampa, FL with only one window AC that my mother would turn on only on the hottest and most humid days.

  2. I know that look!

    Why is it that whatever your doing - they have to be in the middle of it?

    At least they do stop things from being blown away (sigh)

    Thanks for the advice about the lime. Just needs some TLC I guess - just like the rest of us!

  3. yes, your cat looks like he/she (?) is saying just that!
    I like the orange idea... I saw a quilt at the goodwill with all 70's vintage oranges and I'm wondering if it was dumb to leave it. Hmmmm....


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