02 September 2013

Welcome September & Happy Labor Day!

Betsy Ross is my hero, whether or not she made this flag for General Washington.
I just processed a boat-load of tomatoes. I blanched them, then chilled them in ice water to remove the skins. I will freeze them now for a tomato sauce in the future. It's an easy process in theory, but these are mini Roma style tomatoes that I'm growing this year. It's takes about six of them to equal one regular sized Roma.

So I've been peeling little effin tomatoes for the last hour. I'm making buns for dinner too. I put some wheat and a some honey in the dough, so I guess I can call them honey wheat buns - well, honey wheat slider buns. We're having sliders for din din. Yay!

I suppose all this should be over at foodie judy's blog with photos instead of here. I wonder why I have three blogs. (Actually I have more but some are not active.) I am so hesitant to give up on Foodie Judy. 

My Bento blog has a niche, so it's not going anywhere, and I've just started the "Bento of the Day" gig. We'll see how that goes. I started a Flickr group called "Bento of the Day." I post the bento on Flickr, Pinterest, and Twitter, as well as blog it. I'm trying to uncover bento bloggers I'm missing because we aren't on the same highway, so to speak. 

What I'm uncovering is that Pinterest is winning the hearts and minds and time of folks like us. 

I still like to read blogs. I still use Flickr even if the new and improved layout is a little annoying. I wish Twitter was funner. And every once in a while I am amazed at Tumblr. I mean the talent and creativity of some those I follow is awesome. Facebook is a love/hate relationship. My email is clogged with a lot of stuff I don't care about. 

And that's my status of social networking to the people who might read this. 

Tell me where do you think all of this interaction will lead? Would you like a free gift? 

Everybody likes a free gift. I've had give-aways before, and some people will follow you - my guess thinking their odds are better to win, then unfollow you when they don't. It kind of stings. 

But in order for them to find you, you have to put "give away" in the title. And I didn't, but I might edit this again, but I probably should move on.


  1. Hi Judy, thank you for your kind words about little Buster. About the social networking, I guess I am just lazy and once I set something up I don't tinker with it. I do have an Etsy shop which took me ages to set up and I have NEVER used it . BTW, how do I get to follow your blog, I couldn't find the widget! :(

    1. Hey there oriya-me, Thanks for commenting! I think in one of my many revisions of this blog, I got rid of the follow button. So no wonder I don't have many followers :D I'm thinking of revamping the whole show again, so I'll be sure to get widget on site.


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