24 August 2013

Half Pint Canning Jars and a tiny book review of The Homemade Pantry

I have a peculiar delight for mason jars. I often think of getting a flat of them at the wrong time of year. They are seasonal where I live, and this is their season, harvest time. So yay! I remembered this year.

I purchased 12 half pint wide mouths, and the mister gave me a look like what the heck?!

I'm not much of a canner, you see. I'm a bit frighten of poisoning myself. Improper home canning is the number one cause of botulism, and botulism is kinda deadly.

But the way I see it, little glass jars have other uses.

Years ago I read about making cake-in-a-jar on Angry Chicken's blog. I still follow her. She comes up with some fun stuff. Not every single day. And not too over-the-top Martha-like that I need to go out and buy cake decorating tips or something. She gets excited and shares.

So I went back to her archives and found the post I was looking for - Cake-in-a-Jar! I did some googling too. So I'm sure baking is in my future.

Another favorite blogger talked about salad-in-a-jar for lunches, and said she could make up a whole week's worth and they would stay fresh. I thought I might try this for work days. I've slowly switched my fridge containers from plastic to glass, and I have to say everything stays fresher in glass. So I'm intrigued.

A third use for these little containers came from a book I came across and purchased immediately. That book is called The Homemade Pantry. I highly recommend this book. Since I depend on a well-stock pantry to inspire me and pull together a "there's nothing to eat for dinner" day, I was blown away with all the cool stuff I could make and, yes, store in my jars.

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