20 May 2013

Wine Fest Weekend

Rasmussen Vineyards tasting room

We celebrated Wine Fest weekend this year by visiting some of the wineries on the eastside. On Saturday we did a quick loop into town for taco makings, and came back the back way to see if the Rasmussen Vineyards were open for tasting. Yes they were.

We found them accidentally on Zin Fest weekend a month or two ago when we went to Gelfand Winery in search of an old fashion Zin. I was mildly disappointed at Gelfands, so we went over to Sculpterra.

Gelfands tasting room

Sculpterra was having a Greek Festival, so the place a zoo! From too little to too much. I was really disappointed. Leaving Sculpterra I made a friend with my spirit animal.

a Burro

And we saw an open gate at Rasmussen and decided to go for it. So for Wine Fest on Saturday we thought to revisit Rasmussen and had a lovely time.

On Sunday, we went to brunch at Villa San-Julliette. They served us cold quiche, cold fried potatoes, and a slimy fruit bowl on the shady cold upstairs patio. There was a breeze too. The mimosa was made with white wine not bubbly.

I'm not normally a complainer, but sometimes you have to change channels. So on our way out I said let's go up the hill and visit Ranchita Canyon Vineyards for the first time. And another lovely surprise. I'm beginning to think of reasserting the "no plan rule."

Villa San-Juliette wine tasting room

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