08 February 2013

My Organic Cat and My Progressive County

It was decided that our county will go plastic bag free at supermarkets, convenience stores, and box stores over 10,000 square feet large, like Walmart and Target. So if you need a bag, these stores will sell you a paper bag for 10 cents each. This is mandated.

This new law has been met with piss and vinegar around these parts, as one might imagine seeing how this county is mostly conservative and backwards. I'm surprised it even passed, to tell you the truth. And I'm even more surprised it hasn't been appealed. It just irks the hell out of people.

Everyone has something to say about it, and the grocery store people get this look like they want to punch your face if you say anything about it, good or bad. It's kind of funny.

Anyways - I'm glad we are so *very* *very* progressive here in the dusty old cow country.


  1. Wow, good for you and your county! I'm kind of surprised it took so long for my county to get plastic bag-free. Since the ban started on Jan 1, I haven't encountered anyone who has complained, even the occasional ones who forgot their own bag and had to pay. I'm very happy about that.

    1. I'm happy too. Next - a move away from nuclear energy. You know it's all for the children, really.


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