11 November 2012

Happy Veterans Day

My father was a Navy man. He served in the Submarine Service during WWII as a radio specialist, where he built radars. His radar on the USS Hackleback found the Yamato.

After he left the service, he went to MIT and studied engineering, and basically spent his whole life building radars with JPL/NASA. He was a pioneer in space exploration, and his radars were used in the mapping of the Moon and Venus.

However one of the biggest surprises was using his radar to find the ancient Mayan canals in Guatemala. He told me that not a week would go by without a call or two from someone who was interested in this research - even 20 years later!

My father was a very patriotic man. He flew a flag 24 hours a day, illuminated at night. He even planted his front lawn red, white, and blue! He replanted the delphiniums this spring. He would sit by that big front window and look out to his flower garden.

He put in a gas lamp in front of his house.

Dad passed away in July. He was 87 years old. 

One of my favorites pictures. Circa 1985

He was always the most happy working.

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  1. This is a lovely remembrance! What a quintessentially American story, too.


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