09 January 2012

I took a trip and ended up going nowhere

Kitty in the cupboard
So far this year has been kind of so-so. It all started around Christmas, well no, it all started last September when I hurt my neck by freaking out due to a wildfire accidentally discovered at my work place. I think I wrote about it. That took months to heal. X-rays and physical therapy and pain.

Then on Christmas Eve I twisted my ankle. I almost fell at this very spot about six times prior. Six times! You'd think I have rocks in my head not to fix the trip hazard. But no. And finally the trip happened.

There is nothing more annoying then not being able to walk and then being in pain with every damn step when you finally can hobble around. So looking forward to being well again.

I feel better today. The repeated application of ice probably really helped me turn the corner. I think when I am completely well again, I'll start with the walking/hiking regimen. Not to put forth resolutions, but just to say it aloud.

Swimming too would be good as I have stiff joints due to side effects of a prescription drug. I guess the idea is to start slow and keep it up.

And get rid of trip hazards.

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  1. I remember your freaky wildfire story! But what a bunch of a rotten luck, Judy. I hope you continue to get better, and that the Christmas injury still counts as 2011 crap (and that 2012 will just improve from this point)!


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