21 August 2011

Wishing for Autumn Weather

After years of conditioning, it's pretty much a given that this time of year always makes me want to buy clothes. And because it's getting to be fall and back-to-school is on everyone's mind, I always lean toward tweed jackets and corduroy slacks and sweaters with fur collars and wool peacoats and tall boots, well you get the picture. This is mid August and I live in the mid state area and it is going to be 97 degrees tomorrow. So a turtleneck is not happening so matter how sick of summertime I am.

This well-heeled feline always wears a turtleneck though.


  1. We had a 97 degree day here in Portland, OR yesterday, and thoroughly enjoyed it, since it's the first 90 degree day we've had all summer. It's been fleece and turtleneck weather here until now, so I don't want summer to end anytime soon. Maybe it could just move up north.

  2. Interesting Christine. I've been wanting to move to Portland to get out of this heat, and for other reasons umm like culture and lifestyle. I didn't know 90s were ever in in the forecast there. But okay, for this year only, you can have all the hot weather you want. :D


Thanks for sharing!