11 February 2011

My First Valentines Day Swap Card Arrives

I joined the second annual Valentines Day card swap hosted by crowandcanary.com
I thought it would be fun to make my own cards (this is encouraged over buying store bought) and then I proceeded to procrastinate. Finally with no more wiggle room, I sucked it up and made blank cards using my own art work, and I was tickled pink, as they said, that I plan to make more and try to sell them on etsy.com - I know that's crazy! (More on that soon!)

That was just the first good thing to happen to me with this creative spurt. The second was the actually swap and although I've only received this one thus far,

Anonymous from Portland OR

I feel a welling of generosity and good-will from a stranger who had only my blog to go on. The world isn't so bad after all. 

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