23 January 2011

Movie Reviews: Part 1

As I go through movies from this post, I will review them briefly.

Synecdoche, New York
okay. Need to see it again.

Party Girl
not good. Fashion was interesting though.

Hard Candy
good. Very. Although there were some plot missteps.

The Fall
great. OMG wonderous and wonderful!

The September Issue
good. umm.

Death At A Funeral (British version)
very good. Some really good laughs.

very good. God I hate religion.

Lost in Austen
good. Lovely.

not good. Sorry didn't buy the story, but I really liked the loft.

The Secret of Kells
 ok. Yawn.

Match Point
good. I'd rather be lucky...

okay. Peter O'Toole, Bravo!

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