16 August 2010

We were six years old when we got together, and a stop at Eos.

For ten years or so we have been avoiding this winery. Not sure why. Perhaps we didn't like Arciero wine.

It was bought out by Eos Estate Winery years ago, and still we thought Eos was the upper end label, you know, so the wine was all the same. And also the winery is on 46 East which knocks it down a few notches because of the people it markets to. (Longer discussion about that later.)

Turns out the wine tasted pretty good today, and although there was no race car museum as we always thought there was in the front building (Indeed there was three cars there at one time.), we enjoyed a small picnic and a couple glasses of wine after our complementary tastings.

They had paid tastings as well, but judging on our free ones, it didn't seem worth it. Plus it was 100 degrees out and I wanted to go home. So a bottle of their finest Syrah and away we flew.

It is our 25th anniversary today, and I think we both felt like we wanted to do something even though we have oodles of books to read and hate the heat. So Arciero now Eos Estate Winery was a fine mini diversion of yet another winery we wanted to visit.


  1. when i was a tween we lived right out by there. i loved it when they put it in because it looked like a castle. it's the only winery i've been in and seen the process. i do remember when the race cars were there but never went there.
    oh, and btw, i had their wine once years ago at a bunco group and i remembered it because it was pretty good.

  2. Hi Alicia, This place does have lovely architecture, and it is much more different then I imagine it would be (in a good way). I think you could call it "kid friendly." Plus they offer free tastings.

  3. It looks like a pretty place. I am curious about what you have to say about the marketing of wine, as you alluded to.

    I feel so jealous of anyone who gets to live in a place with 100 degree weather. (Have I mentioned before how much I hate the weather in Monterey?! Oh...yeah, I have. A lot.)

    A very belated Happy 25th. :)

    (I actually do read these posts almost as soon as they come in, in G-Reader - problem is that I'm usually reading them on my phone, which is not as easy to use for commenting, so I rely on mental notes, and get behind...)

  4. Hi Amanda,

    My Dad once told me, and it's probably not original, the older I get, the behinder I get. :D

    Thank you for the well wishes.

    I don't think you would like 100 degrees if you had it everyday, but I'd trade in a nanosecond if we could.

    I reread this edition and did allude to the marketing of wine, so I promise to put some words down about it. I must say one thing short: I think wineries shame you into to buying their wine and they shame you for not liking it too. It's hard to be a wine taster!


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