16 July 2010

Mom's Birthday

Today would have been Mom's 85th birthday!

She always tried so hard to make me look presentable, and I'm not really sure why so many of these old photos are off-centered. Maybe it was difficult to see through the viewfinder. 

I think this was taken in front of the Mallard's house. They were very good friends of my parents and once lived next door to us, but they moved after the husband retired. I think.

I was fascinated that they didn't have children. How could you not have kids?

Plus Shirley Mallard had cats. I was fascinated with cats, and I wondered why she put towels on her bed for them to sleep on.

I asked my mother all about these things as we drove to and fro, and she explained that not all people have children but that didn't mean they didn't like children. And that cats were dirty, well, they shed hair and that was a mess. 

Mom looks pretty pulled together here in her black suit with 3/4 quarter length sleeves, and would you look at the size of those buttons! Very nice!

Me? Well the socks say it all. 


  1. Aw, I remember the feeling of wearing lacey socks! And ya know, her suit would totally be in style today, in a classy retro kind of way.

  2. My grandma puts a towel down for her cat too. I always thought that strange since cats are really quite clean.
    I love the retro outfits. Victoria had a red coat like that when she was little.
    I can really see you in your mom too.

  3. Hi Amanda, My mom was a very classy dresser. I am thankful I have some of her clothes today.

    Hi Alicia, Sorry to say, I don't look anything like my Mom. Except eye color - which is spot on! And maybe eye shape. But I definitely have her genes, so if you want to know me, now is the time! She died in her late 50s as did my oldest brother at age 54.


Thanks for sharing!