04 July 2010

Happy Birthday Old Man!

I was up at dawn laying out the presents - one propeller replica that is 7 feet tall, hand blown glass ice cubes, a laminated poster of the Beaufort scale, a fancy stopwatch 60 second sweep analog style, and this hand painted card.

Then I went back to bed. He got up, made coffee, and opened up the card. Shortly thereafter I woke up and he opened up the presents. The propeller he knew about because I wanted to get him one from Restoration Hardware. Pictured here. But ended up with something made of darker wood.

The stopwatch he sort of knew too, but I was like swimming in possibilities and finally told him - well it went down like this.

Me: "Now, what EXACTLY do you want?"
Him: "Not a digital. I want an old-fashioned stopwatch."
Me: "OK but here's the deal. There are these two stemmed, 30 second sweep, 15 min timers aplenty. Does that sound like what you want?"
Him: "Huh?"
Me: "You know, the tick tock goes around in 30 seconds."
Him: "What?"
Me: "You do know what a stopwatch is, right?"
Him: "My coach wore one ... like (the TV show) 60 minutes."
Me: "Oh."
Me: "So you want a 60 second sweep?"
Him: "Ummm."

One week later.
Me: "Dude, you're on your own with the stopwatch."
Him: "Okay."

But of course I kept on looking, and I found something too. Really sweet!

It is connected with Voice Over and that is something I've been wanting to try forever. So I bought the stopwatch and secretly, well not really, have been wanting to keep it for myself. But I didn't.

He's been timing everything too. More on that later.


  1. Wow, how did you wrap the propeller? Thats huge!
    Can't wait to read the timing blog. Everything? You should not have left the reader hanging with that...;)

  2. lol Alicia! It's actually very fun. I thought it would be annoying, but I'm totally into it.


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