01 June 2010

Happy June!

This is a partial scan of Evening at Itako, 1930 by Kawase Hasui. It is June's picture from my Japanese woodblock calendar.

Many of the 12 paintings on this calendar I recognize from a set of stationary cards I bought as a young adult. Beautiful cards, a few designs for each season, and blank on the inside.

So this slightly crazed thing I have for Japanese art and food is not new.

I also like this month's picture because it is set at night and the kimonos are still drying on sticks. I also like the full moon.

The colors here are not as vibrant as the calendar and you are not seeing the foreground. I love the blues and greens and the trees poking high in the clouds.

It is serene yet fully engaging.

Do you have a favorite style of art or artist that you are drawn to?


  1. I looooove Japanese woodblocks! Especially the ones with steep cliffs, hills, waterfalls, things like that - but they are all lovely. (The Minneapolis Institute of Art has an excellent collection of old and new woodblock art.)

  2. Hi Amanda, You too?!?! Thanks for the info. If I ever visit Minneapolis, I will be sure to go to the Institute of Art.

  3. I'm drawn to impressionist art. Renior is my fav. I also love Waterhouse.


Thanks for sharing!