10 May 2010

Your Life 2.0 Via Your Blog Book

At first I was cynical about this whole idea of turning your blog into a book. I'm such a snob really, but vanity press for only $14.95. Pbbt. Who cares about your blog that much.

Then I got to thinking...hey this might be a cute way to scrapbook, in a yearbook kind of way. Or what if your relatives would like week-by-week progress and photo of your new baby.

Or maybe you just like books. It's something tangible that you can hold in your hands and page through.

I heard with the invention of Kindle, Nook, and iPad that many people think it's just a matter of time that books will become extinct. So maybe this Blog2Print is a good thing...

I do think it's funny that you can add the comments you get on your blog in your book, as well as delete whatever you want, comments or blog posts.

Your life can be perfect. In print.

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