28 April 2010

Golf: Part One

I have recently shown an affinity for golfing - online golfing that is. Having never hit a real golf ball except in miniature, I figured I would check out our local area, which sports at least three golf courses.

Here is the swanky one. A club. 

I used to hate clubs, having grown up in that kind of elitist community. But now I don't care. Really.

I think do they have good food at the restaurant? Do they have a full bar?

I always order a cheese burger well-done as a marker for a new place. The one here rated a 2 and 1/2 stars out of five. He got the fish tacos and ate the whole plate. Maybe a cheeseburger is not a good marker.

But alas only beer and wine, and fake cocktails. So poo.

There was a lively convo with the owner and other guests on why she can't get a likker lissence. Oh the drama!

With all the golf carts, I figured everyone would need them, but I saw many  many people walking with their bags out here on a lovely spring day.



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