23 April 2010

Contest Alert! Big Money Could Be Yours!

I suppose I will run a contest. A true contest in which I will judge the responses and give the winning one (if there is a winning one) a prize.

The prize will be a VISA gift card of a certain amount. If you live in an area that doesn't allow VISA gift cards, then you might not want to participate. I like VISA gift cards and wish they were more acceptable to blog contests, but that's just me, Ms. Consumer.

The details are as follows:

I have a birthday next week, April 30th to be exact, and I would some ideas on how to spend it. Mind you, it is a milestone birthday. A biggie! And I will be celebrating all week in various ways - I took me some vacay!

I need ideas - outside the box ideas - on activities to make this a memorable B-day.

You can enter more than once, but really if there is a golden nugget in your comment full of stones, I will find it, and you will win. So you don't have to separate each idea into a separate comment. I mean how annoying is that? Just write to me. Tell me what you would do, or what you would like to do, or what you think I would like to do in celebration of a birthday, and that will work just fine.

This is not a random winner type contest. I will read and judge. Spelling counts.

(And you don't get extra points for following me and then dropping me when you don't win. That hurts.)

So send me a comment answering the question, "What would you like to do (or what do you think I would like to do) on a major major B-day?"



  1. Well first off, congrats on a milestone birthday!!! :)

    My girlfriend and I are planning a girls only spa weekend for my milestone (a couple years away still). No husbands, no kids, just us girls getting the works at the spa, relaxing, chilling, us time, & great food.

    Everyone is so busy these days it's nice to take a break and reconnect with the girlfriends.

  2. A day spent indulging your passion is what you should do. Whether that be salsa dancing, fly fishing or simply lazing on a great big chaise long with a steaming hot romance and a box of very expensive choccies, than that's what you do!

    I hope you have a wonderful birthday bento friend no matter what you choose :)

  3. Thank you arkonite-babe! I would like to mix it up a bit, I think. A little fishing, a little romance, a little salsa in yer pants. (haha!)

  4. I highly suggest Salmon Creek Falls. There is hiking there too and a wonderful view of the sea from the hike.
    If it were my day, it would just have to include the hot springs (south, not here) under the oak trees. Bring a bottle of bubbly but just make sure you transfer it to plastic because they don't allow glass. I know it's not as fancy that way though.
    I would also go out on a boat ride on the sea. It's probably too late for whale watching but it's still an out of the ordinary adventure! Or, rent a canoe there instead.
    If I could not do the above, I admit, I'd just love to go to a theme park for the day and be a kid without the kids. Eat cotton candy and popcorn and sream your head off.

  5. Thanks Mrs Oz. I like your suggestions!

  6. I think of birthdays as the world letting you know new things are coming to your life, and/or a way of reminding us of all the amazing memories we have made so far! So i say you pick up on that message! You could either go the route of new things, and for a few days, do things you have never done. Whether you just haven't gotten around to them (such as horseback riding or a bellydance class), or things that scare you (rock climbing, or getting your fortune told). The whole point is to find neat ways to experience life and get you more excited for the future! At meals, go to restaurants with foods you have never tried. And take pictures of each thing you do, to mark new memories!
    And as i mentioned also, birthdays are to remember all the wonderfull and hard parts of our past. I am going to give you an idea that is very special to me, for I just did this last year. For each year of my life, i chose one memory that stuff out to me, and relived it in a way. For example, for my year 8 reminder, i went to a ballet, because that was the year of my first dance recital. For my year 12 reminder, i put flowers on my mother's grave, because that was the year cancer took her. For year 15 i went out to lunch with my dad to celebrate my moving in with him. I am only 17 years old, but this way of celebration was extremely special to me, because it reminded me of how far I have come, and how much farther I feel my life will go.

    Happy Birthday, and I hope whatever you end up doing is amazingly special!


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