15 February 2010

Kampai! Valentine's Day Lunch

We went out for lunch on Valentine's Day to our favorite Japanese restaurant. We started with miso soup and hot sake of course. That round orb in my miso soup is a reflection of the overhead lights. The train came through right on schedule as I debated on whether to get sushi or not.

I decided to get shrimp tempura and he ordered the special V-Day salad, seared tuna with ginger dressing. The salad was beautiful with baby greens, assorted seaweed, avocado sliced in fans, pine nuts and walnuts, bell peppers, and deep fried wontons. I had several tastes.

The tempura was divine as always.

The next course was shrimp and pork dumplings for me with a very spicy mustard. Japanese-style fried chicken for him that was so good we discussed potential future take-out.

We had enough leftover to take some of each home, and I had one scoop of plum wine ice cream for dessert. 

A super meal in every way!


  1. oh, that looks so yummy. i told rick when i get better, we have to go out for sushi!
    plum wine ice cream? wow, did not know they had that.
    i'm glad you had a great lunch out.:)

  2. Yes and Green Tea Ice Cream too. Get well soon!


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