12 February 2010

Happy Birthday President Lincoln

I spent yesterday, my day off from work due to Lincoln's birthday, baking bread. I made a sourdough round and about a dozen of small pitas. I didn't really plan on doing that, but it was the way the world took me and lately I've been in a bread baking mode.

This long weekend (I also get Tuesday off due to Presidents Day) could not have come at a better time. All this week at work, I've been pining to retire. I'm not old enough yet nor vested, but that didn't stop the desire.

After 11 years I am ready to do something different. That's the way I am - a sort of ten-year careerist, except when I bail at three years, which has happened a couple of times.

And now I get all grumpy and impatience at work. Sick of excuses and sick of the pencil counters. My boss wrote the minutes to our last staff meeting, and I was Judy with an "i" throughout. Could she have been yanking my chain when she e-mailed this to the entire staff? Should I have "let it go?"

I don't know. I did "reply all" and stated that I've been Judy with a Y for a long time and didn't have plans to change anytime soon. I hope I used a light enough tone, but screw it. I know sometimes people have a "mind fart" and blow it. She didn't even respond.

Also it was the way she interpret my round table. Like I was trying but failing. Like hell, I am.

It wasn't until after I read those minutes that I felt so done.

It took them years to fill my position because nobody wanted to work in that town. Gangs and drugs and random shootings do not make a conducive working environment for a professional.

The woman who hired me has long since left the company. She saw my scrapiness - I had been an editor-in-chief of a newspaper just prior and wasn't interested in taking bull from anyone. I guess she figured I would do just fine. And I did.

I just can't deal with higher-ups right now. They have the upper hand (due to the recession) and use it to threaten the worker bees. When I found my work place vandalized this week, I just knew it would be another notch, another reason why the company should pull the plug - forcing me to re-locate or quit (which would save them the retirement).

I wish I could turn off the "work brain" this weekend. Maybe I will go make another loaf of bread.


  1. My, what a terrible story :( And it's no fun to keep thinking about it during your long weekend off! Hope the bread baking will make you feel better. And while you're at it, throw some pita discuses this way? :P

  2. you are so loved and appreciated, and you are so patient with we ozbuns! I cannot bear to see you go. I wish you did not have such tough stuff going on over your head. I did not realize you got vandalized either.
    I hope your weekend was a good break though.
    I am really restless in my job right now too, can I switch? ;)
    You bring so much to "that town", people just don't know the good thing they have! I personally thank you for fighting for us.


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