28 December 2009

ho ho ho

Are we all surviving the holidays? I'm having a better one than usual. Santa gave me some neat toys. I  cooked up another turkey. We've been getting some exercise. So basically I'm just grooving along doing a little of this and that. I'd say it's 90% attitude.

Even the above photo, our neighbor's yearly display, doesn't piss me off as much as it usually does.


  1. Good thing that you are not getting as pissed off as usual! I am here to ask..did you get your book back? If you did ..when you get some time could you post photos or scans of it? Thanks:)

  2. Connie, I did! Before Thanksgiving. And I will do photos. I'm waiting for a sunny day when I am not working and/or too busy - ahh the holidays. Did you get yours back? I don't see too much activity on ABB. Do you want to penpal? Email me..


Thanks for sharing!