06 November 2009

Wake Up To A New Day

It's such an uncomfortable feeling to be de-followed. I sort of didn't like the concept of following in the first place, but now that I'm into a very specific hobby, bento boxing, I can see the merits. You can see who others are following, so you can branch out and explore in a more specific way. Plus it has that "I'm in the club" vibe (something I used to hate but now I like).

I guess we can change. Evolve. Break a habit. Wake up to a new day.

Truth is I was probably de-followed because I de-friended her from my facebook. (I guess you just don't do that!) I started in ernest facebook, myspace, twitter, and tumblr all about the same time. I think I had accounts with facebook and myspace for much longer but never explored them.

It was all experimental. Facebook I've noticed can be crowded with - mmmn - how should I phrase this? Crowded with gum flappers. Also facebook is crowded with game players. Now myspace is all about the gaming. 99.9 percent and I think I've had my fill. Yup. I played on myspace and discovered there are a lot of mean people out there. They want to attack you! Over and over. They say "it's just part of the game." But I think they get a little too much joy out of it. And I don't. So that's when the seed was planted.

It was time to back away slowly.

Facebook is okay but I'm not really active. Every once in awhile I like to do a personality test or something, but it's definitely on the back burner for now. myspace I think I'm going to axe entirely, although I really like my page.

Twitter and tumblr are a different story. I still haven't explored them completely, and they still hold a bit of surprise for me.


  1. Being de-following doesn't feel good, I'm with you on that. I've gone through a few phases on the issue of interacting with other blogges and with following, and where I'm at now is...it will always be sort of yucky to be de-followed. But at the same time, I de-follow people when their blogs aren't interesting to me anymore. And it shouldn't hurt me for people who feel that way about my blog, to do the same. In the end I want to hear from people who are genuinely interested. I can't be any different that I am.

    With Facebook I am even more rational. I figure the friends who really matter would never de-friend me.

  2. Hi Judy, You must be doing the November challenge!! Haven't seen any of those darn old books have you..ME NEITHER:(

    I am on facebook and the only good thing I can say is that they send me an email when my grands write on my page. I never could quite figure out where to go to play the games:)


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