22 November 2009

Throw Out Yer Dead

Oh my! I would love to show you the lovely cookies that I baked today, or rather I planned to bake today. I didn't bake today. Today was an upside down all messed up day. In all I'm glad it happened today and not next Thursday.

I have a fabulous recipe from Martha Stewart for chewy molasses cookies. So good that my brother ate 20 of them in an overnight visit. He left only one in the cookie jar, and I happened to noticed this in time to run out and give it to him on his way north.

So the first thing was finding the recipe. I know exactly where it was at the old ranch. That's true for everything I own. I can picture it sitting in this particular drawer. Alas I have never gotten organized here. My recipes are all over the place. I didn't even remember that it was an MS recipe or I could of just gone online.

Well, three probes later, I find it in my old old old recipe box. That pleased me. See, I said to self, it is good to never throw anything away!

So then I start to gather ingredients  -flour  -molasses, where's the baking soda? And then I notice eww a dead bug. A dead pantry bug! Holy shit! I HATE pantry bugs!!

I start to clean and I notice a few more dead pantry bugs. A lot of dead pantry bugs! I start to sweat.

Everything now is moving from one counter to the other, and I find a live pantry bug.

I want to cry!

There goes the day. Four days before a major cook-fest is no time for an infestation. The source must be found and cleaned up.

Well my friends that was 9:30am. Now at 4:30pm the kitchen has been cleaned and cleaned and cleaned some more. The pantry is clean and everything expired is gone. I'm ready for the white glove test.

And yes now I am ready for the cook-fest too.


  1. This reminds me of my Grandma's molasses cookies. I sure miss them. She used to whip up homemade white frosting for them...I ought to ask my auntie if she has the recipe...

  2. Hi Amanda!

    I'm going to give it another try today or tomorrow. Should I send you a batch?


Thanks for sharing!