27 November 2009

Thanksgiving Spread

As I was preparing the Thanksgiving table, a certain someone decided it was high time for a little attention. I laid out my fine gold table placemats and played around with different china before deciding that I wanted to do something a bit more playful, so I got out the red TV trays. (First glass of wine.) This I thought was genius.

Apparently Si thought it was pretty cool too, and lounged for a good long while.

The Mister said I think he wants his picture taken, so first photo is Si being the turkey.

The second photo is Si not looking at me as I'm yelling "Si!! Look at me! Come on! Look at me!"

And the third photo is The Spread. 


  1. Heehee, those placemats look very cozy. No wonder he thought they would be a good place to rest! Love the quirky and cute tray idea.

  2. Si started kneading it all too like "How fine! My special throne!"

    And the plates were just a funny aside that he didn't think was good for my blog. Hah! All the more reason...

  3. He as in The Mister. Si is not so judgmental. About plates.


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