31 October 2009

And The Winner Is....

I am blown away.  Never never does the first commenter win. Well, today she does !!
Amanda  Wins 


  1. The odds are even more stacked against me winning than you know: I never win ANYTHING. :)

    So, YAY!!!

  2. Congrats Amanda!
    I must have missed the give away.. probably I was just too pissed that none of the Altered Bloggy Books are moving ..they are stuck. I have had one left for months..
    I read that you were sick, I hope you are better now. I dream when I am Ill too..usually about food..either that or potty dreams..having to go and not being able to find a CLEAN bathroom..or one with doors.
    I enjoyed your Flying article, you are a very talented writer..you know that don't you?
    We have snow here..just thought I would share that cold bit of info:)

  3. Hey Amanda! I hope you like the book. It is very traditional bento with some scary looking Japanese food :), but there are some really good recipes in it too. Email me where you want it sent.

    Hey Connie, Thanks for the snowy thoughts. I think I blew it with my little rant on the ABB blog. I simply cannot understand how one can received a package and not open it, can you? I guess the world is telling me it's better to give than to receive. Email me your address, and I'll send you some bear poop.
    Just Kidding ;)


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