27 September 2009

My Great-Grandfather Was A Vampire

That's a pretty sharp eye, Amanda !!!

The story goes like this:
when I was a baby still in the crib,
visitors would come in and look at me.
"Oh come and look at the Baby!"
With the usual comparisons
Does she look more like her mother or her father?
Most people were kind.
"She's got her father's nose and her mother's eyes"
Or some derivation thereof.
Until one day
someone stated the obvious,
"Well now, doesn't she look JUST like her father."
To which I burst out in tears.


  1. Familial similarities are somewhat of an obsession of mine...I always notice, without particularly setting out to do so. (I think it's because my own features are so different from most of my family's.) Anyway, it sure is a *cute* smile. :)

  2. I've seen girls look like their dads and still be beautiful! Maybe dad would have been a better female, lol.

    Judy, my book is lost out there somewhere too. I do think they will show up though. Should be soon!

  3. When growing up, I hated being compared to either parent. I wanted to look like myself. Of course, now that I have kids - I compare them all the time to me and Dave (especially their attitudes! ha)

    PS - Your altered page just made me laugh. I loved it.

  4. Thank you Amanda. What a sweet thing to say.

    Karmyn, I'm hoping that some day I'll see your altered page in my (MIA) book. I'm glad you liked mine.


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