14 August 2009


It's kind of gnarly around here as of late. I live in between two wildfires and the smoke is caustic on my throat and eyes. Black widow spiders are popping up everywhere and seem to be multiplying like bunnies. There is air in the pipes, but no visible leaks (major oh-no). And the ants want to crave me up and take me back to their nest.

So on this fine day (I feel so lucky to be alive), I give to you a lovely picture of my flowering parsley with a bee coming in for a landing.

*Edit: yes the ants do crave me, but the word I was intending was carve


  1. The plume of smoke south of us was massive yesterday! We went out to the ocean and it looked like a bomb had gone off over there. I was thankful for the wind today so hopefully it blew away some of the smoke because otherwise Rick feels awful after breathing it all day.
    Love you picture.
    And I do think "crave" was pretty good! They are still bugging us too.

  2. that does not sound pleasant! How brave you are to still find the beauty!


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