01 May 2009

Day One: Commitment

I've decided to take up the challenge of creating Every Day In May. I write. I draw. I dance. I play. I am all over the place when it comes to creating, so a little bit of structure might just what the universe has in store for me this month. One of things that has been kicking around in my head usually about 3 am in the morning (I also write killer blogs around that time too, but I seldom get up to put them on the computer) is a few quilting projects. Three quilting projects to be exact. Two will be executed mostly by hand, and one will be machine driven.
I want to make a postage stamp quilt. That is just really small squares of fabric sewn together. Size unknown.

I want to make a hexagon quilt using the paper method. I'm not sure just how big this might be. Maybe a tea cozy. Maybe a pillow. 

I want to make a manly quilt for my guy. Lately he is into flags, so I kind of want to do a flag-like quilt to give to him for his birthday. I asked him to pick three colors. He choose black, brown, and purple. So that's going to be challenging enough. 

But here, oh blogosphere, I commit to working on these three quilts, not necessarily to complete them, but to work on them Every Day In May.


  1. Hey Judy, i am glad you liked the card. So that looks like you huh, do you carry guns in your car too?
    I think I might have too, myself.
    HE HE HE

  2. Update, update? Days in may...where are you now?


Thanks for sharing!