26 January 2009

Postdressing: Sending A Postcard In An Envelope (A Definite No-No)

I just got into postcrossing, not crossdressing, and the thrill of giving so far has exceeded the thrill of receiving, primarily because I have not received yet. But I'm practicing patience. 
Postcrossing is an exchange of postcards to randomly selected people throughout the world.
My first task was to acquire postcards, which you would think is a relatively easy thing to do in a place that get visits from touristas. But it wasn't easy. I ended up at a gas station with ugly dusty cards, but I did find the one above and thought it was peaceful. So I bought 12 of them. 
Dialed up the site and went to town with my first five. Two to Finland, one to Germany, one to Australia, and one to Portugal. 
What I didn't realize is that when these folks receive my card, they post it for all to see on my account. So I look like a schmuck sending the same postcard to every person. 
Quickly seeing the errors of my ways, I went on an all-out hunt for postcards, interesting postcards. But found Nothing. Anywhere.
So I sent out my second batch of "That California Feeling" feeling kind of seasick. 
Finally I realized I had to find something different, anything different, so I went down to my local drug store and asked because it sure wasn't obvious where the postcards were, if indeed they had any. Well, the clerk instructed me to go to the far reaches of the store, there, in front of the cereal isle, I would find a selection. 
Jackpot! 25 different cards, most are very nice.
I made my purchase and headed home with a weird lingering thought: postcards = cereal. hmm don't get it. Perhaps the only people who buy cereal in drugstores are tourists. hmm.


  1. You are the second person I've heard of who has done the postcards. I think it looks like fun. I might have to do it myself.

    I received your altered book yesterday!

  2. Hi Judy

    Im one of those people who had received a postcard from you thru postcrossing :) A beautiful Morro Bay view...thanks a lot for it!
    I know the feeling of trying to get as many different cards as possible...just that sometimes i think im the only one struggling with that :|

    regards from the other side of the ocean


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