05 January 2009

Fred The Cat

I think Fred loved me. I am sure I did so back at him. He was the biggest cat, and you know how big translates? So mellow. Unless. UNLESS he needed to enforce his badness.

I just posted kind of a history of all my cats on Flickr tonight. And it's true. It broke my heart when Fred disappeared. I wandered the streets calling his name. The picture below was in the newspaper. "I lost my best friend." I said and was quoted. My goodness, it took years to get over the fact he never came back. That it was never resolved of what had happened. I can totally relate to people who hold out when a family member goes missing. You think one day they are just going to come home because you KNOW home is where they WANT to be. 
I just remember these picture moments so well. These moments when my human guy that I still live with took them, probably in the late eighties. Fred was weightless as I hugged and twirled him around. And that was it, not 20 pictures, but two. One of Fred happy to see me in the street, and one of me hugging him at the threshold. My 21 pound weightless Fred with the fluffiest tail. 


  1. I know how you feel. My cat Thomas was so great, he let me play with him, dress him up, and he licked my face like a dog. He ran away one day (we lived in the country) and never came home. I cried for a long time. I miss him still.
    BTW, I thought those pictures were much more recent. I was shocked when you said the 80's. You look so much like that still!

  2. Hi Judy,
    I just popped over to let you know that I received your book today. I love how you did the cover with the paint, it is beautiful! I hope to work on it this weekend. I am off to read your blog to learn a bit about you. Have a great day.


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