19 December 2008

Small Bowl Fetish

We went back to our favorite restaurant today. After having one of the most horrible Thursdays in recent memory (pipes froze, water turns off while I'm in the shower, greasy hair all day, and that was just the beginning), I surely had a very fine Friday to make up for it. 
First off, the Japanese kitty holds up his left paw to welcome customers. According to the front person, the kitty waves to you with paw facing front. Come, come in, customer with money.
We were seated and the waitstaff came right over as always. How are you today? Excellent, I replied. When Judy smiles, the whole world smiles.
I found out I really am the worst speller this side of the Mississippi. Sake is spelled with an e not i. And I admitted my mistake to him. And he gave me a scrunched up nose. He said Your public deserves better. 
You hear that public! Gosh I laughed so hard I hope the other diners were not offended. They are public too. So many public. I'm glad I remembered the el. 
We then ordered the exact same thing. This never happens because supposedly we share. However, we hardly ever share. I'm all Can I have a bite? and Get yer paws off my dish. 
To spice up this fabulous meal. I ordered some sushi a la carte. Tuna. So good! And I tell him that I read the sushi chef always puts the right amount of wasabi just under the tuna on top of the rice. And Americans always make their dipping sauce with excess amounts of wasabi to prove they're tough. 
I have to beg him to share the sushi with me. 
The meal was beginning to be an epic dream. The waitstaff knew I needed water before I asked for it. She's telepathic I said. Christmas tip I said. It's my treat I said. 
I ordered a seaweed salad to SHARE. The textures are incredible. Slippery. Slimy. So loud in my ear crunchy. Radish sprouts taste so good! (Must remember to sprout radish seeds at home for salads.) The last time we ordered this I was BALD! I said. Seaweed makes live a long time! I said. I want Miso soup for breakfast everyday! I said.
Each little bowl filled with a little something. I just love little footed bowls I said. His eyes slide to the side. Let's go to Tarjay after this I said. He says okay really really wishing I was kidding.

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  1. seaweed salad...would love to taste that sometime. i hear it's really good for you.
    i'm so glad you had a plesant day out. you can tell you enjoyed it so much.


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