28 November 2008

We Survived Photostory Friday

Shopping wasn't all that bad today. People were out in droves, all pushing down the narrow sidewalks using their baby carriages as lethal weapons. Holy moly! I'm not used to people in numbers, or to people who are so self-absorbed that they are banging into me. Maybe I've turned into a isolationist country girl who is very satisfied (read: in love) with the internet and more importantly, internet shopping. 
That said. You can't get a Christmas tree on the internet. Oh yes you can, says the smarty pants in the group. Yes you can, but humans are tactile beings with forest DNA, and I have a major love of romping around the tree lot looking for that perfect tree. 

At last I found you. Meet my tree!

PhotoStory Friday
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  1. I'm getting ready to fix that link.
    I know exactly where this is, that house in the background is one of my favorite "oh, I want a house like that" ones. I'ts starting to run down too, hope someone fixes is up so I can buy it some day:). It's right by the Post Office too!

  2. Within walking distance to the PO. Yep. I was going to blog about that house but decided not. I think the 3rd floor would be perfect as an artist loft and sleeping nook. I bet it even has a basement. I mean it is a huge house. If it is run down, maybe we could buy it cheap and fix it up ourselves. Plenty of space for all :)

  3. It's just like meeting that special someone -- you just know, when you have found the right tree.
    How do you keep it alive for the next 4-5 weeks?

  4. Well Chris, I don't know how to break this to you.

    The tree is dead. Sorry. We put it in water and that helps like cut flowers, you know, but the end is near.
    It is a choice. We could buy a live tree and watch it die. Been there, done that. Or buy a "cut" tree and watch it die. And recycle. I know I know. Just maybe the live tree will...but it never does.

    Water is the key for four to six weeks.

  5. Yay! We just got our tree up on Saturday. It is definitely feeling like the holidays.


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