02 November 2008

Planning Future Projects

I woke at dawn and watched the clouds hang heavy. It rained last night, but I didn’t realize it was going to be a horizontal rain. So in the midst of watching the HBO miniseries John Adams I said to the mister, “My pumpkins! My corn! It looks like the top of the gazebo is going to shred in the wind!” I can be sooo dramatic sometimes. :)
He replied calm as usual. ”Well put the show on pause and let’s see what we can do.”
So we ran out there and bustled back and forth from patio to garage bringing in the pumpkins and corn as the wind whipped up the rain. He took off the gazebo cover and dragged into the garage, threw it over a step ladder. And we sighed and went back to the signing of the Declaration. Whew!

Last night too was the time to return to regular time. On to winter, I suppose. I love cloudy rainy weather. It puts me a creative hunkered-down mood. This morning I came up with three (more) projects. The first I will chronicle on my other blog. It has to do with propagating blue oaks to revitalize this area. The second project will be to recreate the Wizard of Oz characters as Christmas tree ornaments. And the third is to separate the husks from the corn and make corn husk angels tree ornaments. I guess I have a little Christmas on the brain.

Also currently in the mix are lounge lizard pajama bottoms in flannel. I will definitely take some photos of them when they are done as they are made out of some darling fabric.

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