10 November 2008

Marco Monday: Si's Profile

This blurry photo is a close up of Si's fuzzy chin. Although I am a beginner to this macro stuff, even I know the idea is to take *clear* pictures of teeny tiny things. (You may correct me if I'm wrong about that.) But I just love this picture because it's precisely what I see when he gets too close. Plus look at that darling bump on his nose. Hosted by Lisa. Visit her website right now.


  1. Teeny tiny things sounds like macro to me. Although it helps if your adorable subject can stay still when the shutter is up!

  2. I haven't run across very many bloggers like that. If someone is too extreme I usually move on!

    By they way, thanks for the earthquake advice. You will be happy to know that we have absolutely nothing hanging over our beds.


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