12 October 2008

This Is...My Current Reading Material

At least this is what is on my GoodReads' "currently-reading" list
HeyLucy invited her readers (or do we call ourselves Followers now? Sounds kind of spooky like we're all in a cult!) to join GoodReads to share and keep track and review (if you're so inclined) the books you have read, currently reading, and the books in your holding pattern, waiting to land. 
A couple days ago I found out that one can name one's own shelves (liken to tagging) like "books-I-started-but-hated-so-much-I'm-never-going-to-finish-them." I have a few in that category. Or perhaps "books-that-I-say-I've-read-so-I-don't-come-across-looking-like-an-uncultured-dingbat." I have a few of those too.
Anyway I'd like to invite members of This Is... to come and explore GoodReads. We are such a world wide fabulous group of hip and cool individuals who like to share! Come visit me and be my friend too. And if you "follow me, I will follow you." (Hey, that sounds like a song!)
Thanks Three Buttons for hosting This Is... and My Champagne Dreams for the theme.


  1. I have a long "books-i-never-finish" list!

    Thank you so much for joining in on This Is and many apologies for taking soo long to add you to our blog roll.

    Your added now : )

    Angela xx

  2. Hi Angela!
    Thanks for having me. What a great group of crafters and others too. I'm proud to be amongst you all. And I'll try to keep up.


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