19 October 2008

Six Random Things About Si

A while back Alicia of Shoot For Eternity fame tagged her blogging buds (of which I am) to participate in six random things about "me me." Now this old horse has been around the block a few times and random just might be my middle name, so why not share with you random happiness about my cat. Oh why not?
1. The blue belly lizard (pictured above on the top of our sliding glass screen door) is Si's new buddy. Hours upon hours he watches the reptile jump and scamper all over the window screen. Sometimes Si will press his face against the screen and the lizard will jump on it. Si doesn't appear to be "hunting" it just like he didn't hunt the dozens of mice that lived with us out at the old ranch. No Si doesn't hunt. Hunting is a learned activity for cats that is usually taught by the mother, and Si was thought to be abandoned at birth (along with his sister) and was "rescued" and raised by a friend of mine. In fact, I petted Si when he was one day old. He was three inches long and his eyes were still closed. 
2. Si's other best buddy is Sylvia, a stuffed mountain lion approximately the same size he is. I bought her at the local zoo for a Christmas present figuring he might be a bit lonely since he is an only cat. I was right. He drags her around the house following me from room to room.
3. Si burps out of the side of his mouth.
4. He will chase and retrieve dried pasta known as Rigatoni. Seriously. I can stand at one corner of the great room (which used to be called the living room and dining room combined) and say, "Go long! Go long!" And he'll take off running. Retrieve the thrown pasta and drop it back at my feet. I must video tape this
5. He has separation anxiety when I leave for work, so sometimes he gets really huffy and attacks me. I have to back out of the house. Literally walk backwards. He will only attack if I turn my back. (I have separation anxiety leaving him too. I compensate for it by giving him crackers. He likes saltines.)
And finally the 6th random thing about Si is He Saved My Life. And everybody who knows the story says I should write a book about it. Maybe I will. 
Now, here's to you. Would you like to share your (current or past) pet stories? 

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  1. That was a fun twist on the meme.
    What an interesting cat! I would love to see him burp sometime.:)


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