22 September 2008

A Few New Favorites

I've added two new favorites, Joana in Portugal and Ellen in Ireland, to the ever growing list on your right. Both have Etsy shops too. 
Etsy is a fun place to look around and without spending a fortune (unless you want to, that is), you can find neat handmade gifts, lovely photos, charming vintage and more. And yes! I have an Etsy shop too. But there isn't anything in it - yet.
Happy Autumn to all!


  1. is it, officially?
    yeah! ew, ew, i think i feel a breeze coming in the window! feels like taunting and teasing right now!:)

  2. Hi Judy! Thanks for your lovely comment and link, you've made my day. I'm looking forward to seeing your new ETSY shop. Let me know when it's up and running.

    Love the photo of Clancy;)



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