24 August 2008

This Is...My Favorite Children's Book

I have difficulties with having just one favorite. Simply because I like a lot of different things, people, places, and books. Especially books. I remember really digging Macbeth and reading it over and over, and not wanting Little Women to end, wishing I lived in that family. I adored The Green Lantern (Do comic books count? Of course they do.) And there was this story that my father would tell me about princesses sneaking out at night to go dancing and flying on the backs of geese. I could be mixing up two different stories here, but that's the way of the memory.
I still come back to Beatrix Potter's books. So charming. The recent film Miss Potter renewed an longtime interest in these books.  I wish I could visit Hill Top. Maybe someday.
Unfortunately I turned into a "Mr. McGregor" chasing bunnies out of my garden. They really chewed down my Japanese eggplant early on. But it does seem that once they have fright or two, they don't come back.

Anyhoo, after searching around for images, I found the first edition online. Go to the link

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