24 May 2008

Shadow Box circa 1975

About 33 years ago my bestfriend gave this to me. Shadow boxing was all the rage in the crafting world, and we were into making things. When I look at it now, it is like a time capsule. The black and white picture of the car was my crush's Fiat. The car club her brothers had going was called System. Although I don't remember liking beer, I think all her brothers drank Coors and Pepsi. I liked RC cola. But I did like sunflower seeds, and we used to sneak Kent cigarettes. Also the CAR drawing above the B&W car was in reference to the acronym of our secret club.
I ended up dating this crush for few years. My bestfriend and I had a falling out a few years later too. But for some reason, I kept this old thing. You should seen the dirt I wiped off before taking this picture. 
Now I know it isn't my archive and had I made it, I might not be proposing what I'm proposing to do. But I feel like disassembling the whole thing and making a new shadow box of old doodads and nicknacks that I have laying around. 
I wonder if I'll have any regrets.

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